You Train for


You're DIFFERENT. You're INDEFINABLE. You straddle the line between TRADITION and PROGRESSION. The WORLD is your PLAYGROUND.


Introducing an Online Coaching, Philosophy, and Lifestyle approach that encourages the continual pursuit of ADVENTURE as a means to spark physical and mental growth over a lifetime.

LIFT | PADDLE | SURF is ultimately about personal growth and the continued pursuit to live a high performance lifestyle with a strong passion for pushing the limits of strength and outdoor adventure. This includes a deep appreciation for ocean sports, particularly paddle sports and surfing, but recognizes the value in all "silent sports" which keep us grounded to the unique challenges and beauty that mother nature provides.

Simply put, I find I am happiest when I have the freedom to LIFT | PADDLE | SURF! YOUR three words may be very different, but two commonalities I believe we all share are (1) the desire to perform at our best and (2) a unique connection to nature and the outdoors. I believe I can help guide you on that journey if you choose!


BS Biology

Equinox Tier 3+ Coach

Performance Enhancement Specialist

USA Advanced Weightlifting Coach

Precision Nutrition Coach