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One of the most profound experiences in education for me... 

was during my undergraduate studies in marine science. My professor assigned a paper by a famous English scientist named James Lovelock who proposed the controversial Gaia Theory that suggests the earth behaves like a super-organism with all its inhabitants intimately interconnected. This particular paper demonstrated this through the bizarre ability of phytoplankton, aka micro-algae, to produce a gas that caused cloud formation and rain ultimately bringing needed nutrients to the ocean that have been swept up by winds traveling across land - this blew my mind!

Before committing myself professionally to health and fitness, I began my post-college journey working as a biologist on the fishing boats in Alaska - Yes, I was on the "Deadliest Catch" boats! My primary focus was sampling the catch pulled up to estimate the total catch size and species composition - it didn't matter what time of day/night or how sleep deprived I was. During that time I learned a couple life lessons all fisherman, whether recreational hand-and-line or commercial, understood: (1) there were no guarantees of success and (2) above all else the sea demands respect. No matter the scale of fishing, I found the same attributes were shared among the most successful fishermen: PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, & EXPERIENCE. Particularly the latter where success was the result of years of experience learning how to search for fish, learning their seasonal behaviors and patterns, learning best practices for setting gear to improve success, and, maybe least credited, building a strong crew. 

So how does this relate to LIFT | PADDLE | SURF and my blog? My experience fishing is no different than your pursuits of improved health, performance, and happiness - all require patience, persistence, and the experience that comes with understanding the balance between what I believe are the 3 most important aspects of life: MIND, BODY, & NATURE. For me, these three words remind me to reflect on that same inter-connectivity in my life which I believe is no different than James Lovelock's Gaia Theory describing the inter-connectivity of our planet.

Simply put, I find I am happiest when I have the freedom to LIFT | PADDLE | SURF! YOUR three words may be very different, but two commonalities I believe we all share are (1) the desire to perform at our best and (2) a unique connection to nature and the outdoors. This blog can help guide you on that journey if you choose!


BS Biology

Equinox Tier 3+ Coach

Performance Enhancement Specialist

USA Advanced Weightlifting Coach

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Photography courtesy of Ellen Scherer, Buffalo, NY Rhys Logan.

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