My Online Coaching Philosophy is a simple and unique approach designed to enhance your physical/fitness goals, nutritional goals, and, my favorite, ADVENTURE goals!

The first step is filling in your information below. Next, I'll email you a blank program with the Initial Assessment & Triage Questionnaire and my custom Adventure Goal Setting Questionnaire. After you complete the questionnaires, we'll schedule a day/time to talk and begin working together to develop a personalized program specific to your wants and needs! 

The process I use to design your program is based on evidence-based scientific research, simply meaning, this stuff has been tested and proven to work. If you want to get a little geeky, I primarily use non-linear periodization along with 6 basic training principles: Individuality/Specificity, Trainability, Progressive Overload, Adaptation/General Adaptation Syndrome, Supercompensation, and Rest/Recovery.

Pulling all this information together WE will work together to create daily, weekly, and monthly training plans and goals with which I create custom videos specific to your program, and you'll send me videos performing specific exercises/workouts for baseline comparison as you progress, for technique check, and for accountability. We'll determine a regular day/time to touch base via phone, email, and/or text on a weekly basis to review your progress - BOOM, that simple!


  • $15 Initial Consultation (scheduled after completing contact form below)

  • $165** 1-Month/4-Week Online Coaching Program (**Consultation fee subtracted from first Online Coaching Program = $150. Original price for subsequent programs. Other pricing/packages available by request)

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Photography courtesy of Connor Barth, Wilmington, NC (home page) & Ellen Scherer, Buffalo, NY (contact page)