LIFT | PADDLE | SURF is my Online Coaching Philosophy that encourages the continual pursuit of strength & adventure as a means to spark physical & mental growth over a lifetime. It’s about defining what a high performance lifestyle means to YOU and continually re-defining YOUR limits of strength and adventure. I created a simple acronym from the word RISE to help explain the process I’ve used in my own pursuit of continual adventure & growth. Reflect. Inquire. See. Explore. Embrace the journey!



Dream BIG! Take time to remember what your dreams were when you were a kid, a year ago, or maybe even last week? We were all told at some point in our lives that we can be/do anything. In the chaos of life, many of us forget this or worse - gave up on it. Make your dreams a reality!



Find your WHY. Actively make time every day, week, or month to think about what motivates you? What are your aspirations? What’s on your bucket list? Do you have any regrets? As far as I know, there is only one YOU. It’s not selfish to invest time in being the best version of yourself!



Recognize that you are unique. No one else in the world has your exact skills and experiences. We all need to allow ourselves to see how great we really are. When you recognize this, then your potential is limitless. Only we can create boundaries for ourselves, no one else has that power!



Don’t hold yourself back. Be brave and allow yourself to pursue your dreams. Many live their lives in regret of what they SHOULD have done. In fear of failure. Embrace fear. And learn from you failures. This is the most important step of my process, everything prior is for nothing if you don’t act. GO!