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Lift - Front Squat Technique: One Cue That Has Been A Game Changer

The most recent game changer for me has been one cue - TUCK! Throughout my years of training the most common answer I would hear about how to increase my squat, whether front or back, has been: Strengthen the always ambiguous "CORE". So, what does that mean? For me, it's not about finding the particular accessory exercise that will improve my squat, but rather it's about mastering the MOVEMENT and understanding what my body is/is not doing to maintain optimum position.

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Lift - A Journey For Strength & Performance #3 - Maintaining Strength During Travels

I am currently in week 2, sadly the final week, of my amazing travels through SE Asia. I began this trip with the intention to focus on bodyweight strength training as a means to maintain strength and improve on some weaknesses I have. Bodyweight training is one of those modalities I've been wanting to integrate more into my training program back home because I believe movements like Pistol Squats, One Arm Push-Ups, Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups, L-Sits, Levers, etc are the ultimate demonstration of body control and mastery - just check out the gymnasts during the Olympics! 

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Lift - A Journey For Strength and Performance #2: Why I Don't Plan Deloads

f you're a competitive athlete - it makes more sense to at least plan a deload cycle. Meaning, you strategically integrate a period of time in which you either don't focus on the specific skills you normally focus on or you perform those skills at a submax effort aka below 80-85% RPM. For most of us, this doesn't make sense because the particular skill we want to excel at is not the highest priority in our lives - instead it's a side thing we love to do and more often daydream about being superior than actually fulfilling.

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