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SURF - Train Today to Survive Tomorrow: Lessons From A Navy Rescue Swimmer & Voice For First Responders

For most, when faced with a life threatening event, especially on the scale of a natural disaster or massive storms out at sea, the intuitive response is to travel as far away from it as possible. A select few, like Jake Sonnier, make the conscious decision to overcome fear, face the danger head on, and help those who are unable or unwilling to evacuate. This is one of the many incredible and, at times cinematic, stories George “Schepp” Scheppler brings to his listeners through The Coastal Athlete Program (CAP) Podcast.

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SURF - The Evolution of Fitness, Performance Training, & Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the high performance individual and the average joe/jane is no longer mutually exclusive as the doors to the once secretive world of high performance are revealing how the same practices that allow the elite to excel can be used by all to enhance performance at any level.

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SURF - 3-Minute Breathing Exercise To Find Your "Why"

We tend to revere "professionals" and "experts" because of their abilities and skills which exist on a level we feel we can never attain. As a result, we characterize these individuals as "gods" or "superhuman" while living our own lives in the shadow of mediocrity. While I don't believe living a life obsessed over success, competition, and performance is healthy, I do believe a large part of life should be dedicated to pursuing a balance between ambition and contentment.

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