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SURF - A Journey To Becoming A Fish & Goal setting

When we initially decide to pursue a goal there's always a lot of excitement and motivation - which is great! The tricky part is maintaining this motivation and following through. Why is this? My guess is most people focus on the outcome goal as opposed to the process/behavior goals (tip: these are explained in the article above). To simplify, outcome goals are what they sound like - they're the end goal. Dreaming to have a particular physique, hit a specific PR in a lift, or finish 1st place in the Graveyard at the Carolina Cup next year - these are all outcome goals - they're sexy, get your heart pumping, create butterflies in your stomach, and we have little control over them! What most people fail to focus on are the controllables = the processes/behaviors/specific steps it takes to reach those goals, and more often than not those steps can be monotonous, mentally & physically draining, and they take time & patience (which I believe is the most difficult part of pursuing goals to the end).

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Lift - A Journey For Strength and Performance #2: Why I Don't Plan Deloads

f you're a competitive athlete - it makes more sense to at least plan a deload cycle. Meaning, you strategically integrate a period of time in which you either don't focus on the specific skills you normally focus on or you perform those skills at a submax effort aka below 80-85% RPM. For most of us, this doesn't make sense because the particular skill we want to excel at is not the highest priority in our lives - instead it's a side thing we love to do and more often daydream about being superior than actually fulfilling.

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